The firm provides clients with an array of estate planning services, that utilize John Serpico’s years of experience as a tax and pension planning attorney. Those services include:

  • Drafting of wills, trusts, family partnership agreements
  • Tax planning to minimize gift and estate taxes  in conjunction with income, transfer and capital gains taxes issues
  • Power of attorney
  • Living wills, health care proxies, funeral disposition forms, life estates
  • Property transfers
  • Coordinate estate planning with financial planning
    (long term care insurance, annuities)
  • Gifting and charitable giving

The firm provides extensive and proper planning to insure that your assets are bequeathed to your chosen loved ones while minimizing taxes, disputes and administration costs. Your current and future financial needs are coordinated with estate planning. The firm regularly handles business succession, LGBT and other family dynamics with a total awareness of the unique sensitivities and concerns of each client.

Estate administration services include:

  • Probate and administration proceedings
  • Will contests and other proceedings
  • Accounting and estate tax preparation
  • Liquidation of assets, transfer of property to beneficiaries